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  1. Hi! I'd love to undertake an author interview with you for your blog! I've published 120+ books over the past 30 years, mostly for young readers but my latest book The Girl in the Basement is a crossover novel and I've recently finished writing an adult thriller, The Freshest of Flesh. Check me out on and/or email me at

  2. Dear Kathryn
    A small publisher, Threekookaburras has published my novel Ken's Quest and being small we need help in getting the words out. Lee Koffman was my mentor. Ken's Quest is an ode to diversity in Australia and a plea for tolerance in these turbulent times. This is the link to Ken's Quest facebook page

    Hope to hear from you.

    1. Hey, if you're interested in an interview please contact the email address listed above and I can send the questions out to you. Cheers.