Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review: Soul Blaze by Aprille Legacy

Picking up where Soul Fire left off, the second volume of Aprille Legacy's Soul Trilogy opens with our heroine firmly back in Ar Cena, sans magic and completely unable to recall the past year of her life. With some degree of difficulty, she attempts to fit back in to her human life. And, just as things begin to fit together ... the world of Lotheria comes calling once again. Abducted by her old enemies, Sky is reunited with her Soul Mate, Phoenix, who she must kill to guarantee her freedom. And from there, the twists and turns keep coming.

Soul Blaze is a real page turner, that I read in the course of an afternoon/evening. There were a few plot twists and turns that I was not expecting and left me wondering what would happen next. It was lovely to see Sky grow and explore her new life/responsibilities in Lotheria. Her relationship with Phoenix remained quite turbulent--the pair certainly are polar opposites. Once again, the author teases us with a cliff-hanger ending, one that leaves me wondering what will come next for Sky and the residents of Lotheria and what will become of her soul mate, Phoenix ...

This one is recommended for a lazy afternoon when you want a tale with a bit of fantasy, romance and action.