Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday (un)Funnies

For the past few months now, I have been following the latest Phantom Daily Comic Strip storyline, titled The Scoundrel. The basic premise is this. Reporter Lara Bell wants a scoop, so she decides to do what no other reporter has done before, to journey into Bandar territory. Despite being warned not to disturb the Bandar, Lara hires sleazy and self-serving tour guide Rick Grubber. Grubber poisons her in an attempt to not only find the Bandar, but persuade them to take him to the Skull Cave, which he figures will be filled with treasures. Anyway, Grubber ends up being taken prisoner outside the skull cave, while the Phantom offers Bell a tour of the Skull Cave. At the end of the tour, comes this foolish, but heartbreaking moment, where Bell makes a pass at the Phantom, which is quickly rebuffed. I feel quite sad for Lara at this moment. The picture of her in the first frame clearly shows the distress she feels at the news. Sure, it was a silly thing for her to do, but, the story shows that as reckless as she is, Bell is basically a good person and would not have made a move had she known she was talking with a married man and now feels some distress, not to mention, embarrassment. I think we have all been in her position ... once.