Monday, 26 August 2013

Soul Fire by Aprille Legacy

Shout out to the author who swapped me a copy of Behind the Scenes for her very awesome debut novel!

Soul Fire is the first book in the Soul Trilogy, which takes us from our world into a different realm called Lotheria. Rose is an eighteen-year-old and very, very human girl whose life revolves around school and her part time job. And then a mysterious visitor named Jett appears and Rose finds herself in Lotheria, where she will be known as Sky and will attend a school of sorts for young adults with magical powers.

In many ways, Soul Fire reminded me of two of my favourite series for young adults, Harry Potter and Vampire Academy. It was interesting watching Rose/Sky's journey as she travelled through and learned more about her new world. At times, I found myself very caught up in the writing and some of the protagonists adventures--her camping trip and fighting the Du'rangor was a highlight. It was also fun to read about her relationship with her sullen Soul Mate (not what you think,) Phoenix.

This is definitely a good read for a chilled out Sunday afternoon.


  1. Thanks for posting. I hadn't heard of this one.
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    1. It's a good read, you should give it a go :-)