Sunday, 15 July 2012

Update: The Sweet Life by Francine Pascal

Bad news for Australian Sweet Valley fans. It appears that the latest Sweet Valley series, e-serial the Sweet Life, which chronicles the adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica as they enter their thirties, will not be released here until the 29th of July. Obviously, the next two weeks is going to be hell on the blogging/book review circuit, as I do my best to avoid any possible plot spoilers ...

(Then again, who am I kidding? The whole thing is going to revolve around the Wakefield twins breaking up and making up with their respective spouses. And expect Lila Fowler to have some kind of obnoxious, attention seeking role. And Winston Egbert ... Oh, wait they killed the guy off. Maybe he will come back from the dead, just like Olivia Davidson did in Sweet Valley University ... And I know I'm just going to love every trashy page.)


  1. It's so annoying..

  2. I agree. There's probably a good reason why they cannot co-ordinate the international release dates, but still ...